The bottle has been spinning … round and round it goes.

After years of travelling, studying, working … navigating the art world, airports, artists studios, gallery openings, art fairs, my own kitchen … what started in 2015 as a cooking blog, transcended into a platform of not just about food but also stories about people, places, art, flavours and colours.

With the recent outbreak of Covid-19, I post daily simple recipes with simple ingredients to cook at home for you, your family, neighbours.

Under “reflections” you will also find poems and thoughts as we slowly grow into our “self-isolation” lifestyles.

Now is a good time to make use of our collective [virtual] hands, and hopefully, forge a new story of connection instead of separation.

May we live in interesting times!

Reach out and stay close,


A little about me…

In a few words, I come from both Colombian and Italian backgrounds, based in Torino, currently quarantining in London.

A devoted art enthusiast, innate philanthropist, lover of narrow cobbled-stoned streets, cooking in great company and music from all corners – you will find me dancing any time!

Founder of ÚNA: Uniting Narratives with Arts a non-for-profit initiative aiming to foster cultural and educational exchanges between Latin America and Scotland, ultimately raising awareness on social, environmental and cultural issues on both ends.