Milan: Art Week Curiosities

Milano is in vogue more than ever. After the EXPO 2015, the city has shaken up gaining momentum and now has the spotlight for arts and culture. With fairs Miart (13-15 April) and Salon del Mobile (17-22 April) back-to-back, this vibrant city comes to life with the exciting and the new from all corners of the world.

Such mayor institutions as Fondazione Prada, HangarBicocca, La Triennale, and PAC have ambitious programs showcasing film, performance, site-specific installations, talks and cultural workshops.

It was crazy ambitious to see every single exhibition opening over the course of four days during Milan’s art fair Miart 2018. But nonetheless! Below is a short description of my top picks from the shows I managed to visit. Enjoy!


Sol Lewitt, 8 x 8 x 1, 1989

Curated by Francesco Stocchi and Rem Koolhaas
Fondazione Carriero
17/11/2017 – 24/06/2018

The exhibition explores the relationship between Lewitt’s work and architecture. His Wall Drawings, sculptures Complex Form #34 and Inverted Spring are adapted to the walls, staircases, mirrors and ceilings of Fondazione Carriero, a private foundation promoting contemporary and modern art.

The architect Rem Koolhaas in collaboration with Francesco Stocchi challenge the concept of site-specific –the idea that a work of art must adapt to architecture—thus demystifying the division between architecture and art history.

A total of 7 famous Wall Drawings and 15 sculptures were assembled by a team of 20 architects, designers and art students, during circa 6 weeks following Lewitt’s own instructions on how to create the pieces from scratch.

Lewitt’s manual is owned by The Whitney Museum of Art in New York City and travels the world from museum to foundation. However, only one institution in the world can have the manual, production rights and final show exhibiting at one single time.

Lewitt’s ephemeral work, handed down from generation to generation of artists, is a clear representation of his 1967 theory “Paragraphs on Conceptual Art” : both the concept and production of an artwork are attributed a greater relevance than a final physical product.


Teresa Margolles, Karla, Hilario Reyes Gallegos, 2016

Curated by Diego Sileo
28.03 – 20.05.2018

Teresa Margolles presents the most brutal aftermaths of drug trafficking in Mexico. In her solo exhibition at PAC, she uses photographs, sculptures, videos and installations to express violence against young women, sex workers, gender hate, murder and marginalization.

Margolles bases her research on Ciudad Juárez, a boarder city on northern Mexico. She has spent long periods of time in these communities working directly with victims and their families listening to their testimonies, documenting their stories, and sharing a brooding sense of despair.

In her work Pistas de Baile, Margolles depicts a series of “landscapes”, as she calls them, of images of transgender sex workers standing on the remaining tiles of dance floors from their former workplaces; nightclubs and brothels now demolished after witnessing the effects of war. These women stand proud, looking straight into the camera in their working clothes, not posing for a portrait, but rather as part of the landscape. They have volunteered to collaborate with Margolles as participants of a “work of art” aware that these images are now displayed in a museum in Milan later travelling around the world. Their participation not only as “performers” but as survivors creates a sense of strength, resilience, awareness and hope. In Margolles’ own words, her work aims to ‘poeticize the insufferable’.



Curated by Gianluigi Recuperati
Milano Cinema Arti, Milan
17.03 – 22.03.18

Terrestrial design meets the interstellar atmosphere. Italian designer Piergiorgio Robino reinterprets celebrated designs by Italian design house, Driade, as if created for the extraterrestrial lunar ground. Displayed as an outer space/ open-air lounge, chairs and tables have been enlarged to fit spacesuits overlooking our very own planet Earth and a faraway galaxy.

Produced entirely in 3D printing using Regolith, a material very similar to that resting on the surface of the moon, Robino transports us to a 2048 lunar colony accompanied by a multisensory experience audio system with sounds recalling the interstellar dimension. Something out of this world!


Piazza del Belvedere. Moleto, Piemonte, Italy. 1993. Alessandro Mendini, Francesco Mendini with Pietro Gaeta, Matteo Tresoldi, Landscape project. Proposal.

Triennale di Milano
Curated by Aldo Colonetti
12.04 – 06.05.18

The exhibition showcases for the first time the complete public and private models of Italian architect Atelier Mendini in wood, resin and methacrylate.

Colours, lines and reduced abstracted shapes create an enchanted and fantastical sensorial world. ●

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